Security Threats in cloud computing

7 Cloud Computing Security Threats to Watch For!


Cloud computing technology is currently facing rapid development, especially with many businesses sectors adopting this technology to keep up with digital transformation. 

However, in its adoption, the cyber security factor becomes a challenge that needs to be faced. This is because data storage in cloud computing means storing internet and network-based data that allows data theft and cyber-attacks to occur. The following article provides an in-depth explanation. 

Data Security Challenges When Using Cloud Computing

cloud computing threat challenges

According to the Head of the Data and ICT Center of the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN), Brigadier General Dominggus Pakel, the use of cloud services is related to the privacy and security of stored data. Therefore, data security in the cloud is a common focus to pay attention to. 

Keep in mind that hackers will attack the systems most likely to store sensitive data, and the cloud is the main target. That is the reason cloud service providers must prepare various security measures on cloud systems. Dominggus also said that cloud service providers need to continue to improve security systems. 

This is done, including by increasing network security, infrastructure, using firewalls, to applying several end-to-end security measures and other protections. 

Cloud computing itself has a high risk of experiencing cyber-attacks. This is based on research conducted by BSSN in 2020 which showed that cloud computing experienced a cyber-attack threat of 56 percent from external and 36 percent from internal. 

Top 7 Cloud Computing Security Threats

The number of cloud migrations continues to grow every year, also increasing the potential for serious security issues. For this reason, it is important for companies to know the risks of storing data in the cloud. 

At a Cloud Security Alliance conference in 2021, he described 7 potential cloud security threats that companies can face, which are as follows. 

1. Data Leak

A large amount of data is now being transferred to the cloud, making cloud hosting sites an attractive target for intruders. Disclosure of personal user information, commercial secrets, theft of intellectual property, are some examples of data theft that often occurs. 

2. Bypass Authentication

Data leaks are often the result of lax password authentication mechanisms, inadequate management of encryption keys and certificates. 

3. Hacking Interface and API

When interacting with third parties using APIs, the security risk increases as companies need to provide additional information, down to user logins and passwords. 

4. System Vulnerabilities

A common mistake when using cloud solutions in the IaaS model, companies pay less attention to the security of applications located in the cloud provider’s security infrastructure. 

5. Account Theft

Phishing and other scams are common in cloud environments. These scams add to concerns in the form of attempts to manipulate transactions and alter data. 

6. Insider Threat

Threat insiders can come from current or former employees, system administrators, contractors, or business partners. Threat insiders usually have goals ranging from data theft to a desire to gain access to data. 

7. Insufficient Awareness

Companies moving to the cloud without understanding the capabilities of the cloud are potentially at risk of theft. For example, if the client-side development team is not familiar with the features of cloud technology then the principles of implementing cloud applications, operational issues and security architecture will arise. 

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The Importance of Security and Privacy of Your Data in the Cloud

privacy in cloud computing

Cloud computing is a service that can be tailored to the needs of each individual or company which is certainly different from one another. This cloud technology also gives a business the advantage of not thinking about the problems and costs of maintaining infrastructure, and focusing on business development. 

However, one of the disadvantages of the cloud is the risk of data theft and other cybercrime actions that can be detrimental. Hackers will attack the systems most likely to store sensitive client data, and the cloud is the main target. 

That is the reason why cloud service providers must continuously improve various security measures on their cloud systems. There are many ways that can be done, including continuously improving network security or networking, infrastructure, using Firewalls, SSDs, applying several end-to-end security protections and updating antiviruses, as well as several other protective measures. 

From the user side, it can also help support the security of this data by creating a secure account with a unique password, regularly or periodically changing the password, always logging out if using a shared gadget, and not using an internet connection from an untrusted public area or network. 

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Author: Ary Adianto 

Content Writer CTI Group 

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