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Here’s Why Some People Find Cloud Management Burdensome


According to Gartner, business IT spending on cloud transformation will exceed US$1.3 trillion by 2022. The figure is expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2025. This growth in numbers clearly illustrates the trust that businesses throughout the world have in the cloud’s impact on business success. 

Additionally, a report by the Boston Study Computing Group (BSCG) forecasts the potential growth of the public cloud industry in Indonesia, which is expected to reach US$800 million in 2023 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 25%. 

Nonetheless, the cloud migration was not as simple as anticipated. Most organizations may not fully realize the benefits of the cloud, such as flexibility, cost, and speed. Challenges including maximizing the use of resources and cloud services, transparency and efficacy of subscription costs, and obtaining cloud services itself are difficult for businesses to overcome. 

This article will go through the reasons why many businesses still struggle to manage their clouds and how cloud management solution can be an effective way to overcome these challenges. 

Why Do Businesses Still Struggle in Managing Their Cloud?

Central Data Technology (CDT), a subsidiary of Computrade Technology International (CTI Group), began offering cloud-related services in 2018. Upon then, CDT identified a variety of obstacles to users adopting their services. 

At this point, it is feasible to conclude that these issues are not different to some of the previously mentioned cloud challenges. A lot of businesses admit that managing cloud services is complicated due to limited resources, cost optimization, billing systems, and intricate monitoring systems. 

What Does Business Require from Cloud Provider?

The most recent IDG Communications study also cites business concerns as a source of cloud management challenges. During the month of April 2022, over 850 IT executives from around the world participated in the poll. Cost management emerged as the top challenge for IT decision-makers in managing the cloud, according to this survey. 

Apart from that, the poll also shows some interesting information about the requirements IT decision-makers have for cloud service providers. 41% stated they required a provider with security expertise, 40% said they desired greater cloud management skills, and 38% said they needed full help with cloud service management. 

Introducing NCC, Comprehensive Cloud Management Solution

Cloud management solution NCC

Understanding the findings of the survey needs analysis and the challenges faced by several enterprises, CDT introduces Nebula Cloud Console (NCC), a comprehensive cloud management platform innovation that allows businesses to manage their cloud services in a single platform. 

NCC is exclusively developed by CDT based on their customers’ input about the problems of adopting cloud services. However, for the time being, NCC can only provide AWS cloud services. It is probable that in the future, NCC will integrate more cloud services. 

NCC Features Explained

NCC offers various benefits that might help businesses overcome challenges in managing their cloud services. Here are some of the features available. 

Simple and User Friendly

Present-day cloud platforms are very technical and complicated. The dashboard itself is typically intricately designed. Therefore, many companies require education and training before they may fully benefit. As a result, NCC’s dashboard is designed to be visually appealing, simple, and well structured so that people can grasp its contents with a single glance. 

Transparently Monitor Bills 

NCC allows customers to transparently monitor the amount of billing/invoicing utilized cloud services, similar to the AWS-portal. On most cloud systems, most of this billing amount is exclusively accessible to the IT team. 

NCC, on the other hand, allows departments like Purchasing and Finance to immediately monitor and process bills and tax invoices. They don’t even have to be concerned if the company wants to have many accounts with separate bills since NCC can accommodate multiple accounts. 

24/7 Managed Services Support

In addition, NCC was developed in tandem with CDT’s services of support. Users of AWS’s cloud services via NCC can swiftly submit issues and receive support from CDT’s managed services team round-the-clock. 

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Simplify Cloud Management with NCC

CTI Group, a comprehensive provider of IT solutions, is committed to fostering the growth of cloud computing across a wide range of industries. In order to make this a goal, CTI Group through CDT, provides NCC to organizations with a strategy that makes it simpler for them to manage cloud services more efficiently. In addition to providing NCC, CDT also provides cloud management consulting support. 

Users should not worry about adopting cloud management, since CDT is supported by a team of IT professionals who are available 24 hours a day to assist with any issues. Want to know more about NCC? Please reach out to our representative at 

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