Innovations Abound: A Look at the Top 5 IT Trends in 2022


It’s safe to say that 2022 has been a momentous year for technology, with everything from the emergence of the metaverse to the mass use of Artificial Intelligence in the IT industry. What technologies do you predict will be front and center in 2022 as we head toward the last months of the year? 

Last August, McKinsey & Company, a renowned consulting firm, revealed its report for technological innovations in 2022. To determine what would happen to technology in 2022, the company focused on five key technologies. The “Big Three” consultant’s view is extensive since it includes a wide range of facts and studies. 

So, what technologies are included in the report? For further details, see the following article. 

5 IT Trends in 2022 According to McKinsey

5 IT Trends McKinsey

Technology is currently evolving at a rapid pace in response to human requirements. Every year, we may observe the latest technological advancements that make human life simpler, from medicine to agriculture, entertainment, and many more. 

The growth of this technology will undoubtedly never end, either due to the dynamic nature of technology or because it continues to stay up with the times. According to McKinsey, the top five IT trends in 2022 are as follows. 

1. High Connectivity

Digital solutions to today’s connection difficulties include 5G and 6G networks, low-power wireless networks, and low-orbit satellites. This technology can help networks improve their global coverage, reduce latency, and save energy. 

High-connectivity technology can provide users with high-quality network access. Naturally, with so many advantages, increased connectivity will disrupt a variety of industrial areas. 

In the vehicle business, for example, strong connectivity can help prevent accidents and give a tailored medium of pleasure. Volkswagen (VW), a German automaker, has installed a 5G network at its Dresden facility. 

2. More Advanced AI

Artificial intelligence (AI), which has many benefits, has been a significant technological breakthrough in 2022. Applications that can recognize photos and rapidly transform them into an animation illustration are just one example of how prevalent AI use has become this year. 

As this year came to a close, OpenAI’s prominence in the tech industry was also a focal point. ChatGPT is one of its services that can optimize English and Indonesian language models using dialogue forms and generate phrases based on user request prompts. ChatGPT may even reject unsuitable requests and join the chat by answering ongoing queries. 

It’s reasonable to believe that, over the next couple of years, the benefits of the features offered will be more complex and nimbler, thanks to the availability of these super-intelligent AI services. 

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is critical in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based services. AI systems and their numerous derivatives, such as machine learning, need massive computing power and bandwidth to train and handle data. The cloud can meet this requirement. 

Cloud and AI growth and evolution are intrinsically interwoven, and we will see much more in 2022 and beyond. AI will demonstrate intelligence in a variety of ways, and cloud computing will be critical in both delivering these AI-based services to customers and supplying the infrastructure. 

4. Digital Identity and Trust Architecture

Like someone’s presence in the real world, someone’s existence in virtual space also requires a clear identity. If in real life an identity such as a KTP is used, then digital identity has a similar concept, namely a file or data showing complete and legal personal data. 

The reliability of a digital identity is crucial for maintaining professionalism at work. This is due to how simple it is to duplicate or impersonate this identity by altering existing data. In numerous instances, theft attempt has also happened. 

5. Immersive-Reality

Immersive reality’s inclusion in McKinsey’s 2022 tech trends is not surprising, especially since the metaverse, which uses this technology, was made popular by Meta. 

The four key technological elements of immersive reality are spatial computing, mixed reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality. The development of the metaverse will heavily rely on these four technologies. 

Utilizing immersive-reality technology, businesses may test their products virtually. A product prototype is projected into a digital asset to accomplish this. The Porsche automotive company has adopted this technology, which has proved successful in accelerating problem-solving by 40%. 

Through virtual teamwork on the metaverse, immersive reality may also boost productivity. In 2022, advances in immersive-reality technology are also being made. By 2035, it is expected that the market for immersive reality would grow by 24%. Since 2018, the number of innovation patents in this technology has also doubled. US$3.9 billion will be invested in VR and AR firms by 2021. 

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It’s Time to Get to Know More About Technology with CTI Group 

According to McKinsey, these are some of the most important technological trends for 2022. Have you ever employed any of the technologies mentioned above? Follow this link if you’re interested in learning more about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the metaverse. 

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Author: Ary Adianto 

CTI Group Content Writer 

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