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Navigating the Future: Top 6 AI Trends in 2024


Artificial Intelligence (AI) di 2024 diprediksi kian masif digunakan oleh kalangan bisnis dan end user. Untuk bisnis, AI tentu dapat membuka berbagai peluang baru yang belum pernah ada sebelumnya. Sementara bagi end user, AI dapat  meningkatkan produktivitas dan mempercepat proses kerja. 

According to AI Index 2023 report from Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Stanford University, AI has been used by businesses in several ways. AI capabilities have been used for robotic process automation (39 percent), computer vision (34 percent), natural language text understanding (33 percent), and virtual agents (33 percent). These findings contrast with the most commonly adopted uses of AI in 2022 for optimizing service operations (24 percent), creating AI-based new products (20 percent), customer segmentation (19 percent), analyzing customer service (19 percent), and AI-based product improvement (19 percent). 

It is predicted that the adoption of AI in the business sector will continue to grow through 2024. So, what are the AI trends that will be the boom of 2024? Check out the full explanation below. 


6 AI Trends in 2024

AI trends in 2024

According to Forbes, there are several AI trends that will be most important to watch in 2024. It’s expected that businesses and end users will be ready to respond and adapt to the development of the latest AI trends that will be present next year. What are these AI trends? Here is the full explanation. 

1. Evolution of Generative AI

If Generative AI has been used so far in the form of text- and image-based chatbots, it will continue to evolve and become more sophisticated. In the future, GenAI will be able to create videos and music that are part of creative platforms and productivity tools. From generative design tools that can distinguish between real images and computer engineering, a range of new applications will emerge. 

2. Enhanced Regulations for the Ethical use of AI

Data security and privacy issues are at the forefront of the push for regulation, which has the potential to disrupt the development and use of AI. Regulation is expected to encourage more responsible use of AI and minimize the potential for humans to lose, harm, lack transparency, or lose jobs as they are replaced by AI. In 2024, the focus will continue to be on mitigating these issues, while keeping an eye out for potential new ones. Ethical standards will need to be met and appropriate safeguards implemented. 

3. AI-Augmented Apps

There is no denying that this year, there has been a race among many parties in various fields to integrate AI into their applications and software. Bing, Google, Office, Snapchat, Expedia, and Coursera are all adding chatbot capabilities as part of their strategy to improve the user experience. On the other hand, many are also slowing down the integration of AI due to the uncertainty of data protection and customer privacy issues in order to meet the needs of their customers. In the future, more applications and services will integrate AI genes. One such application is Adobe’s Firefly design tool. This tool is trained to eliminate copyright and design ownership concerns, which could arise in the future. 

4. Software Engineering without Coding

In 2019, Gartner predicted that by 2024, approximately 65 percent of application development will be code-free. This can be true, as generative AI like ChatGPT allows anyone to build and test applications in minutes. However, coding skills will remain. Developers will need to create tools with interesting capabilities and more creative ideas to solve problems. 

5. Quantum AI

Quantum AI may not be a trend that is going to affect a lot of people right away. However, quantum computing at scale has the potential to speed up computing workloads that require a lot of computation. Quantum algorithms can process data with qubits, which exist in multiple states simultaneously, far outperforming traditional computer bits, which can only assume values of 1 or 0. This feature makes them much more efficient than classical algorithms to solve problems. 

6. AI for Customer Service

Customer service, due to the routine and repetitive procedures that are occasionally interspersed with important and highly complex tasks, is one of the business operations that can be maximized with AI. In order to save time when dealing with issues that require human intervention, AI can be integrated to automate routine tasks. AI can also be used for early customer contact, personalized solutions to common problems, and reporting and summaries of customer interactions. 

According to research by the Boston Consulting Group, 95 percent of CS leaders expect to serve customers with AI bots within the next three years. 

For this reason, it is important for companies to have AI solutions in place so that customer service can be at its best. CTI Group, as one of the largest IT companies in Indonesia, is implementing Kouventa as a solution to efficiently improve customer engagement using the WhatsApp Business API platform. 


Kouventa, AI-Powered Chatbot for Customer Service and Shopping Assistant

Kouventa from Helios Informatika Nusantara, one of CTI Group subsidiary is the right solution to help small to midsize businesses build and grow interactions more efficiently. Featuring WhatsApp Blast, businesses can send mass messages to thousands of contacts at a time. 

Unlike other chatbots, Kouventa has been equipped with AI technology, so it can be more flexible in its interactions with customers as a customer service to shopping assistant. By integrating with Azure OpenAI Service, Kouventa becomes a chatbot solution that can deliver advanced conversational experiences using Azure AI technology. 

In addition, Kouventa will be an enabler of speed and efficiency for businesses in support of communication through modern chat channels. By integrating with business applications, companies can automate the sending of messages or notifications to customers from business applications. 

Kouventa provides an end-to-end business communication solution that includes live chat to connect with customers in a seamless and easy way in one platform, interactive messaging templates to create interactive messages quickly and simply, multiple agents with only one chat number, reports for real-time performance analysis, multiple chat automation for automating different business messages, and automatic chat distribution to receive chat requests from customers automatically. 

Kouventa self-hosted database gives you complete control over your business’ data. Therefore, you can securely access and manage it from your own server without any fear of data leakage. 


CTI Group as the Biggest IT Company in Indonesia

It’s time to start the implementation and adoption of AI with a range of leading and most advanced solutions from 11 subsidiaries of CTI Group as the largest IT company in Indonesia. CTI Group has the latest information on advanced technology and AI that is in development and will be a trend in the future. 

PT Computrade Technology International (CTI Group) is supported by more than 250 experienced and certified engineers. We have more than 100 global IT brands from 12 subsidiaries. We ensure that your business runs optimally and that the process of adopting AI runs with minimal obstacles. For more information about our comprehensive digital solution, please contact our team by click this link.

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