3 Industries That Could Benefit from IaaS


We have pretty much talk about cloud computing and two of its three service models, namely Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Now it is time to dig on the last service model, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

IaaS provides virtualized computing resources such as computer servers, cloud networks and storage, over the internet. It allows enterprise-level companies to function more effectively, because this “instant” infrastructure gives client flexibility and efficiency to access their data through the IaaS provider’s server and storage in a very secure way.

According to Statista’s report, IaaS revenues are expected to rise significantly over the coming years, from around $30 billion in 2015 to $130 billion by 2019. The rise of IaaS revenue is triggered by the advantages for business, including reduced costs, stronger security and easier information access, which have made companies undoubtedly invest to this one of cloud computing services.

IaaS has been widely adopted by various industries, however there are three industries which urgently require IaaS to move forward:

  1. Manufacturing

Keeping track of a supply chain is always a challenge, but things become increasingly complicated once that supply chain goes global. Not only IaaS gives manufacturing businesses the ability to go fully mobile, but it’s also highly scalable, allowing businesses to ramp up and ramp down as production orders naturally change over time.

  1. Healthcare

IaaS gives the client the most control over the cloud infrastructure. Bigger institutions such health systems, hospitals, medical groups, and organizations with high numbers of employees and documents need to consider the importance of having control over operating systems, storage, and deployed applications. Having this level of control over the cloud should be able to put to rest some of the concerns healthcare professionals tend to have when it comes to interacting and storing sensitive patient data in the cloud.

  1. Startups and Small-to-Medium Sized Business (SMB)

Many SMBs lack internal IT expertise to manage the IT infrastructure, through IaaS, smaller organizations can reduce internal IT resources and the time spent managing them. SMBs tend to have a better position to work remotely. Therefore, IaaS will assist any SMB to be more productive as long as they have mobile devices, they have access to all software they can access both in the field and work.

An American entertainment startup is one of the companies who has benefited from IaaS. Netflix has migrated their infrastructure to cloud prior to 2015. The migration has resulted the company a number of benefits, such as gaining eight times more of streaming members in the same year than they did in 2008. Scalability of cloud allows them to add thousands of virtual servers and petabytes of storage within minutes, making such an expansion possible.

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