Are you at The Risk of Internal Security Breach ?


When it comes to protecting data, most companies tend to focusing more on external factor but not the internal factor, meanwhile in fact internal factor posses the same risk compare with external factor and not many company aware of it (see also 5 biggest case of internal security breach). The next big question is do your company at the risk of internal security breach ?

Internal Security Breach Policy

find out the answer from below four internal factors that make your company at risk of being breach internally :

  1. No specific policies and procedures in handling of proprietary or sensitive information.

A company should maintain the confidentiality of their sensitive data and material. By establishing proprietary policies will not only give them guidance in how to handle sensitive information, but also provides a reassurance for the company and protect sensitive information out of unethical hands. Without specific policies in handling sensitive  information, Employee could unknowingly mishandle the sensitive information or even misuse for personal benefit purpose.

  1. No education = Real Threat

Studies show that internal employees account for 43% of data loss, with 50% of these cases being accidental (cbisit, 2016). less awareness in threat of internal security breach in your organisation is equal to exposing your organisation to danger. Eventhough your company does have specific policies in handling sensitive information, but without a consistent education and raise awareness on the policies, employee often forgot and do not realize the importance of internal data security and tend to be carelessly handle the sensitive information. So if your company is never done any education or campaign your company could be at risk of internal security breach.

  1. No Limitation in Accessing Sensitive Information.

Organizations need to take the time to assess the functions or roles in the organization that need access to confidential information, and to document the process for initiating and terminating that access. The most damaging impact that could happen to an organization can be caused by a disgruntled employee who is terminated from the organization (CSO, 2015). Without any clear boundaries and system to monitor employee privilege access towards sensitive information, could give employee access to changing, sharing or deleting sensitive files without company permission.

  1. Invest in Data Protection.

Its challenging for CEO or CFO to spend budget for cyber security. The reason is simply because they tend to be more willing to spend money on technology that could expand their business and bring more revenue. But in the era or digitalisation. securing your data is equally important with collecting more revenue, it’s because data itself has become the most valuable  asset that could give you competitive advantage that differentiate you from your competitor. That is why investing your money on data security is a must and a company should have a clear plan on how to continuously improve your data security to avoid any breach from both internal or externally.

find out how CTI Group could help you to securing your data from both external and internal using the latest technology for your business, please check our latest solution eCatalogue.

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