How to Deal with Enterprise Storage Challenges


Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of World Wide Web, said that data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves. This means, data is a crucial thing for enterprise to keep their business sustainable. Therefore, enterprises should be aware of the challenges they might face in using enterprise storage as the keeper of their valuable data.

Talking about enterprise storage, businesses are now paying a greater attention to the technology as a mandatory asset due to data explosion. Increase better performance is one of the benefits an enterprise storage brings, which is also in accordance to a research by Tech Target stating that 46% of businesses mentioned it as the main motivating factor in implementing the technology.

However, benefits are usually side by side with challenges. Storage scalability, data management, high cost, and security are becoming enterprise storage challenges. The massive amount of data will impact storage scalability which goes hand-in-hand with storage performance. Moreover, due to the explosion of data, IT leaders have difficulty to manage the data, it could be worse if they lack of tools to simplify the tasks. The need of storage to keep scalable and well-managed data have led business struggle to control costs. Last but not least, making sure that data is keep secure is not an easy task, it requires IT leaders to go an extra mile.

Beyond those challenges that IT leaders are working to solve, according to a number of researchers, security is the real problem and should be the prime concern. With the increased adoption of web-based and mobile applications, sensitive data has become accessible from different platforms. The more data is stored or accessed, the more vital it is to ensure its security. A lack of storage security can lead to great financial losses and reputational damage for a company.

Nowadays, there are numerous of solutions have been deployed to tackle storage challenges so IT leaders will be less worry. As massive amount of data becomes the challenge that leads to other challenges, technology such as deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning, are rapidly adopted in businesses to reduce the amount of storage capacity. IT leaders also could ensure their storage security issues through several ways namely encryption, data loss prevention (DLP) solution, redundant array of independent disks (RAID) to mitigate security incidents, and many more.

The current market demands enterprise storage that provides them not only efficiency and flexibility, but also comprehensive security. To fulfill the demand, innovative storage solutions are provided by CTI Group as a trusted IT solution partner through its subsidiaries. Contact us for more assistance on how you can optimize your storage solution.

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