SD-WAN: Ease Connectivity in Today’s Network Demand


Demands for connectivity have been pushing organization to always keep up with technology evolution. Especially, when a company has multiple offices, they need a network solution to ensure communication between data center and branch offices goes well. Instead of a complex hardware‐based networking such as traditional WAN (Wide Area Network), organizations are moving toward a simplified software defined network technology to leverage their WAN maximally, called Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN).

SD-WAN is the application of software-based network technologies to WAN connections to route all network traffic more effectively between headquarters or data centers and branch offices. Unlike WAN, which has unpredictable application performance, complex infrastructure and expensive bandwidth, according to Nemertes’ research, SD-WAN provides cheaper and automatic failover when WAN links fail, and it can also reduce branch WAN troubleshooting costs by 90%.

Not only provides automatic failover, SD-WAN also offers several other benefits for business such as cost reduction by using pay-as-you-grow method and improving application performance through a combination of WAN optimization techniques and its ability to shift traffic and links with bandwidth to accommodate each application’s requirements. SD-WAN architecture enables administrators to reduce reliance on expensive leased MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) circuits and reserving private links for mission-critical or latency-sensitive traffic.

SD-WAN is a compatible technology across industries. Retail, government, financial services and other industries that communicate among distributed locations can reap SD-WAN’s benefit by its ability to prioritize traffic. For an instance, Brooks Brother, a retail company with 500 worldwide stores and a historic brand to protect, deployed SD-WAN to increase their network performance and visibility, thus communication between the corporate office and worldwide stores could run smoothly.

SD-WAN has gained attention throughout marketplace of networking. With all the benefits that SD-WAN advancement has offered, no wonder that numerous companies have deployed this technology to improve their business performance. As a value-added distributor, CTI Group will provide you SD-WAN technology for increased network agility and streamlined network management

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