Simplify Your Applications Development with PaaS


The existence of applications has allowed businesses to increase their productivity and simplify the process of doing business. Each enterprise has different needs and goals, so having a customized application is not a foreign concept. However, building on-premise applications is a complex matter. You need to set-up and do maintenance of servers, patching, upgrades, and authentication. These complexities can be simplified with Platform as a Service (PaaS), a set of cloud-based services that allow business users and developers to build applications.

Deploying PaaS eliminates the need of having in-house hardware, such as servers and storages. Your cloud service provider manages these things, which are readily accessible as long as you have an Internet connection. Not only hardware, but your cloud service provider should also provide security, operating systems, databases, virtualization, networking, and data centers. As businesses grow, these components are scalable according to one’s need.

Simplify Your Applications Development with PaaS

PaaS systems are typically accessible across multiple development teams, avoiding the need for wasteful allocation of multiple assets of the same type in separate silos. PaaS systems usually have built-in security and data protection features which can reduce the need for in-house security skills. Moreover, PaaS systems commonly feature pre-built integration and aggregation components to speed up and simplify necessary development work. All these features are characteristics of a good PaaS solution.

The benefits of PaaS are apparent, so it comes as no surprise that the revenue of PaaS would reach $20.8 billion dollars in 2020, an increase of $11.8 billion (131%) from 2016. (Gartner, 2017). In fact, industries like finance and real estate have deployed PaaS. One instance is SwiftCapital, a financial service company that has built a PaaS system to process cash advances. In result, SwiftCapital experienced an increase in profits, since it is no longer necessary for them to borrow the platform of competitors to process cash advances.

PaaS is ideal for businesses who want to focus on building great applications with clicks & code without having to worry about the infrastructure and operating systems. As one of the IT solution partners in Indonesia, CTI Group has subsidiaries capable to provide you with PaaS solutions that suit your needs so you can completely focus on developing applications efficiently and not stress about the in-house glitches that may happen.

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