5 Elements in Smart Cities


Smart Cities is not just a global trend, its not some fancy technology revolution that everyone dreams about, in fact smart cities is a need and have to be apply as soon as possible. It is quite clear that technology has been filling the gap that could not be solved before such as inequity information availability and an equal standard life quality for all citizen. That is why smart cities development is rapidly progressing in many countries to improve the life quality of its citizen. In order to create an ideal Smart Cities for the citizen, there are least 5 element that a cities must have :

Smart Governance

“SMART Governance” is about the future of the public services, SMART Governance utilize technology such as business application to facilitate and support better planning, decision and even the monitoring,  it will also improving governance transparency to transform the way public services are delivered.

  1. Business application could be one of the media in establishing a faster response and better public services. In Jakarta for example business application like Qlue being used to accommodate aspiration and complaints from Jakarta citizen.
  2. Indonesia is heading to a transparent government. Through online platform  the government try to communicate all activity such as budgeting, procurement and future program plan to improve public trust towards government performance.
  3. Indonesia is heading to a transparent government. Through online portal, local governments such as Surabaya and Jakarta already implement electronic budgeting and procurement to improve public trust towards government performance.

Smart Living

Smart Living is about providing opportunities to improve the quality of its citizens’ lives by guaranteeing a sustainable social including healthcare education and safety. By incorporating the latest technology  into citizen daily activity, it will not only boost their productivity but also will help accelerating growth through digital world.

  1. Intelligent Healthcare could lead healthcare industry into a new era in. The explosion data coming from big Data and IIoT will be used to predict and give suggestion to patient on their personalized medical schedule for visit.

Smart Economy

Smart Economy is the intersection between smart city and economy,  by implying smart technology into economy process, it will become an economic driver that Provides an environment in which businesses are productive, efficient and can remain competitive.

  1. E-commerce as one of the driver on digital economic utilize cloud computing to improve the availability and flexibility as the usage could be adjust according to their needs.
  2. Intelligent Operating Center that being used in Bandung Command Center could helps government manage complex city environments, incident and emergencies in one platform.

Smart People

Smart city is all about synergies between technology and its citizen, without smart people the development of smart cities will not progressing effectively, the smart citizen/people is needed as the main driving force behind digital economic that will produce a radical change in economic future.

  1. A citizen that highly connected with internet will most likely to be more productive according to Pew Research. The more connectivity the people have, the more information they could get. That is why IoT and Public wireless technology is very crucial in building a smart people.

Smart Environment

Ensuring liveable conditions within the cities is also an important matters in developing smart cities, the concept of smart city is the use of technology to improve sustainability and better manage natural resources.

  1. The Jakarta provincial government developed the Smart City Platform which consists of an issue–reporting app to monitor a flood map that crowd sources citizen flood reports from Twitter, called PetaJakarta.
  2. Manage Print Services (MPS) is an example of the way technology could maintain the sustainability of natural resources, not only saving cost but MPS also help company to preserve nature by taking control of the entire document environment.

5 element in smart cities

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