Driving the Industry Forward with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)


In the current digital age, technological advancements are inevitable. It is continuously happening in order to make our lives easier, which includes the way we’re doing businesses. One of such advancements is enterprise mobility. It is an approach to work in which employees can do their jobs from anywhere using a variety of devices and applications.

Enterprise mobility has been a hot topic for the last few years. In fact, a recent survey conducted by a technology market research firm,  The Radicati Group, inc, predicted that by the end of 2017, worldwide revenues for the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) market will total over $1.8 billion and the figure will grow to over $3.3 billion by year-end 2021. This figure is not surprising as more industries will realize the benefits obtained by EMM adoption, including increase employee’s productivity and business efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer’s satisfaction.

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In healthcare, EMM is implemented to create a centralized information database, accessible through mobile devices which help increase the actual time spent to assist people and patients. Availability of functions like medical data recording, transcription, and dictation on mobile devices helps save an average of 2-3 hours daily for each employee.

In hotel industry, registration can be done without going to a counter (use a mobile app for enterprise, instead) and the device can even serve as a key to providing direct access to the rooms. The customer experience is greatly enhanced by this type of solution, and on the hotel’s side, this solution reduces the number of staff needed at the reception.

In airline industry, several airlines have begun replacing printed instruction and procedure manuals by mobile applications on tablets. In the case of Air Canada, the implementation of this solution eliminated 16 kg of papers per flight officer. Aside from that, flight officers have access to information more easily to enable them making decisions more effectively.

However, like any other trend in the IT world, EMM also comes with its challenges, namely complexity in managing mobile apps, security threats due to employee negligence and maliciousness, as well as difficulties in designing user-friendly applications. To implement EMM is a complicated task without having a clear mobility strategy and skilled IT talents. As one of the leaders in the world of IT solutions, CTI Group has a proven track record in helping businesses maximizing their productivity by implementing the right enterprise mobility strategies and solutions.

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