Enhancing Data Security in Today’s Threats


As the volume of data is increasing exponentially and leads to the growing number of data breaches, detecting and preventing data loss has become one of the most pressing security concerns for enterprises. The situation has put the data security as business’ primary focus, which is defined as protective digital privacy measures that are applied to prevent unauthorized access to computers, databases and websites, as well as protect data from corruption.

Any business or organization that processes and stores sensitive data is a potential breach target. According to Verizon report, 24% of data breaches affected financial organization, 15% involved healthcare industry, as well as retail and accommodation with 15%. This goes to show that data breach is a serious issue that company should deal with even before or after it happens.

Although many companies are getting aware with the importance of data security, there are still companies with negligence. For an instance, Equifax, a consumer credit reporting agency, experienced data breach in September 2017, which has caused sensitive personal information of nearly 146 million customers’ data record exposed. Given the size of the company, certainly we assumed that they have the internal resources and expertise to design and implement a comprehensive cybersecurity program. However, cybercriminal could still find the vulnerability and attack the company.

Negligence to update patch was allegedly behind the Equifax security case, which is one of eight most common causes of data breach. Other common causes are malware, backdoor and application vulnerabilities, weak password, social engineering that persuades others to gain confidential information, too many permissions access that cause complex monitoring on data access activity, physical attack from outsider, and even insider threats.

Data has been the bread and butter for business sustainability. When a company has experienced data breach, they are not only bearing data and financial losses but also damaging their reputation among its various stakeholders. CTI Group, as your IT solution partner will ensure your business gets integrated data security solutions and services. Not only provides the preventive action for your business from data breach, but we also fix the data breach issues in your company.

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