Enhancing Secure Mobile Workforce with Enterprise Mobility Management


Enterprise mobility is providing innovation, flexibility and agility, but at the same time it is also posing a number of security risks that represent opportunities for cyber criminals. Many users simply are not aware of what is safe or unsafe. To take full advantage of workforce mobilization, enterprises need comprehensive solution designed to meet today’s challenges, especially security.

According to a survey of worldwide security professionals in 2017, Dimensional Report found that 79% respondents state the difficulty of securing mobile devices is growing. Unprotected mobile devices are always easy, attractive prey for professional hackers. According to Now Secure, 43% of mobile users do not use a passcode, PIN, or pattern lock on their device. Lost or stolen device is also reported as the biggest threat for this mobile deployment, especially when important or sensitive corporate data is stored on them.

Today, with workforce mobilization, data is constantly “outside” the firewall, which makes them more vulnerable. When mobile device is lost or stolen, thieves may find the access to the corporate resources which is worth far more than the cost of the device. Connecting to any free Wi-Fi network can also be extremely dangerous, because this can give access to malicious network to corporate data through workers mobile devices.

Enterprise Mobile Security

In order to protect corporate data in workers mobile devices, companies need to deploy solutions called Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). It provides company’s policy and configuration management tools for applications and content, based on smartphone operating systems. Mobile threat protection can be centrally managed through an EMM console where administrators can set threat compliance requirements and remediation. EMM also offers features such as separation of work and personal apps/data of employees.

Organizations, across all industries are going mobile and it is important for them to retain control and manage mobility security risks without ignoring user experience factor. Utilizing EMM to manage all type of mobile devices security can allow enterprises to embrace mobility and take fully advantage for their business growth. As your IT solution partner, CTI Group is committing in assisting industries to reap the benefits of workforce mobilization.

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