Load Balancer: Improving Performance in Flash Traffic


Businesses with large volumes of internet traffic require high availability and stable network to ensure customers can reach their products and services anytime. If many users access the server simultaneously and company could not handle the load, slow response and even downtime may occur. This incident could also lead to data loss and customer communication problems which potentially costs business significantly.

According to Ponemon Institute report, the minimum cost of downtime in 2016 was 926 USD per minute, while the maximum cost was 17,244 USD per minute. The average cost of downtime will continue to rise, and that is a big threat for business to deal with. Instead of worrying about the repair expenses, company could prevent downtime by deploying a load balancer.

Load balancer is defined as a technology that distributes high volumes of load across multiple servers in a network in order to improve the performance and reliability of web sites, applications, databases and other services. In short, load balancing will ensure that no single server is overcome by extra load by distributing the workload across multiple servers. With this technology, each server’s processing power will be used optimally and intelligently, therefore the data is available to all the users anytime.

Data Base Journal mentioned several other benefits offered by load balancing. The technology can perform redundancy, which case is when one of the web servers fails, then the load balancer will automatically transfer the traffic to the other working servers without disrupting productivity. Load balancing also helps detecting failures early and efficiently manages them as well as provides flexibility for the IT administrators in performing several maintenance tasks without impacting the site’s uptime.

In order to solve the common traffic overload problem, utilizing load balancing technology is the way to go. As your IT solution partner, CTI Group will ensure your business to get leading load balancing solution to boost your business performance and prevent the downtime from happening.

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