Hybrid Cloud

Helios & Nutanix Offers Solutions to Simplify Hybrid Cloud Management


Partnering with Nutanix, PT Helios Informatika Nusantara (Helios) offers a solution that makes it easier to manage HCI-based hybrid clouds.

Currently, cloud technology is one of the IT resources needed for the sustainability of a business so that companies continue to optimize cloud technology. One of them is by adopting a hyperconverged (HCI) solution where companies can simplify computing, storage, networking, to virtualization in one container to reduce the “complicated” IT system that tends to use multiple platforms.

Meanwhile, IDC predicts 2021 to be the year of hybrid cloud, as it is driven by global disruption due to the pandemic that reinforces the importance of agile businesses following market demand. However, hybrid cloud requires complex management because it can involve more than one cloud service (multi cloud).

Author: Liana Threestayanti

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