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PT XDC Indonesia (XDC) was established in February 2007 as PT Xsys Disti Cemerlang. XDC is currently both Lenovo’s largest retailer in Indonesia and one of IBM’s leading storage and server distributors.

Companies like as Acer, AirLabs, Asus, Dell, HP, IQTouch, McAfee, Microsoft, MSI, Toshiba, Verbatim, and ViewSonic rely on XDC to provide their products. Because of various commitments and business initiatives to develop support for retail and partner markets in Indonesia, XDC has expanded its operations and scope.

XDC stores and representative offices are located across Indonesia in a variety of locations. XDC’s current focus is on server and storage products, laptops and gadgets, accessories, monitors, desktop PCs, point of sale, printers, and UPS distribution.

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