CTI IT Infrastructure Summit 2022 Explores Making the Connected Enterprise a Reality


CTI IT Infrastructure Summit is an annual event for the CTI Group that brings together researchers, vendors, practitioners, academics, and governments to discuss the latest and upcoming IT trends and challenges.

On March 10, 2022, CTI IT Infrastructure 2022 was held virtually and was open to companies and organizations in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Hundreds of participants from various industries attended the CTI Group’s biggest annual event, which is the eighth this year.

With the theme “Making the Connected Enterprise a Reality: Thriving in the Post-COVID-19 World,” the CTI IT Infrastructure Summit 2022 featured keynote speaker Adrian Clamp, Head of Global Connected Enterprise, KPMG International, who discussed the concept of Connected Enterprise as one of the corporate and organizational strategies for building competitiveness by improving relationships with customers.

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Other keynote speakers were Gaurav Mallawat, SASE Product Management Specialist, APJC, Cloudflare, and Habisanti, Country Manager of Veeam Indonesia. 

The Importance of Improving Customer Relationships

CTI IT Infrastructure Summit 2022 not only just explain the concept of Connected Enterprise, but it also present business leaders who shared their best practices and various experiences related to improve customer relationships via the discussion panel session, that is Anton Ruddenklau, Head of Financial Services Advisory, KPMG Singapore, Roy Nugroho, Director of Grab for Business, Grab Indonesia, Herman Widjaja, Chief Technology Officer Chief Technology Officer of Tokopedia and Chirag Sukhadia, Chief Enterprise Data Analytics Officer, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison.

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“Customer focus has become the company’s top priority through its digital transformation. However, many companies still fail to deliver value from digital technology investments to deliver the best customer experience due to constraints to integrating business operations through aligning people, processes, and technology itself. Through the CTI IT Infrastructure Summit 2022, we hope to add insight and best practices for innovation and digital transformation leaders of companies and organizations in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines where CTI Group, through its subsidiaries, serves them to build connected enterprises,” said Rachmat Gunawan, CEO, CTI Group.


What are The Three Components to Support Connected Enterprise?

The CTI IT Infrastructure Summit 2022 also has a track session divided into three discussions centered on the Connected Enterprise component, namely: Connected Customer, where customers now have more information and knowledge because data-driven analysis creates opportunities for personalization and how their information network develops. Starting from tools on support work productivity so that they can provide seamless services to customers, to shared the necessity of Zero Trust Data Management and applying XDR (extended detection and response) strategies to improve customer data security.

The second track session explores the Connected System, that can engineer the company’s future by leveraging new technologies and ways of working to generate sustainable and profitable growth, such as staying ahead of competitors and delivering high quality results and value at market with efficiency and agility.

The last track session talk about the topic of Connected Workforce, to prepare an integrated and empowered workforce for connected businesses.


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