5 Cases Why internal Security Breach is Very Dangerous


Many people is still underestimating the threat posses inside the internal security breach, although in many cases has shown how lethal and dangerous it is for your company, but internal threat still placed on low priority on many organizations. to give a better understanding on how dangerous Internal Security Breach, here are 5 biggest internal security breach ever happened :

  1. Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

This email scandal has plagued much of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, this scandal has been dramatized and be the headlines in all over media. To put it simply, Hillary during her term as Secretary of State, Clinton used a personal email that operated through a private server instead of an email address safeguarded by State Department servers and resulting to the tens of thousands of pages of emails and reports are leaked in Wikileaks. Choosing a trusted mail server also crucial in preventing mail leaks, as the big mail server provider has set high standard on their system to secure your data.

  1. Morgan Stanley Data Stolen

Morgan Stanley, one of the world’s largest financial services firms, revealed that its customer information was breached and stolen. But it wasn’t the result of determined hackers or sophisticated email attacks. Instead, one of the ex-employee in Morgan Stanley stole the data from more than 350,000 customer accounts (Bloomberg, 2015). This case could be prevented if Morgan Stanley system have a good data protection and able to block any unauthorized data transfer within their organisation.

  1. Home Depot

In 2014 Home Depot one of the big retail company in America being invaded by some hackers, the intrusion began when a group of attackers used a third-party vendor’s stolen username and password to enter the perimeter of the retailer’s network. after that  they utilize the access to  elevated their privileges and deployed malware onto 7,500 self-checkout systems in the United States and Canada. The attackers ultimately made off with 56 million customers’ credit and debit card details as well as 53 million customers’ email addresses. This incident could be prevented by applying Data privilege, by using data privilege all employee could not install or deployed any system without approval from the stakeholders.

  1. Systema Software Internal Error

March 28, 2016: A data breach at California-based Systema Software was not the result of hackers, but an internal error during a system upgrade in which data storage was set up improperly and made publicly available on the Internet (Stlrib, 2016). This data breach first found by Chris Vickery, a white-hat hacker, and reported it to the proper authorities — by that point, customer information had been exposed for 75 days.

  1. Edward Snowden – The Most Iconic Whistle Blower

This might be not a new story for you, but the scandal that took in early June 2013 certainly grab public attention from all over the world. Edward Snowden (former NSA Agent) manage to acquire confidential records and data and publish it in Wikileaks causing uproar from public and world leaders because the data that been leaked discuss about NSA surveillance program all over the world, the data leaked sure makes us to be more alert about your personal information but this scandal at the same time is the most renowned case of Internal Data Breach.

Internal Security Breach
Internal Security Breach Cause

From human error until system failure, there are many way on how internal security breach could affecting your company performance or maybe even your company survivability that is why you should assess and improve your data security and policy to prevent any data leaked coming from internal factor.

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