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Cloud-Based Technology Adoption in Indonesia Spiked during the Pandemic


Alibaba Cloud’s most recent survey on cloud adoption in Indonesia was published in 2021, and the results were intriguing. In the previous two years, especially in light of the pandemic, cloud-based technology has seen a massive spike in use in the country’s business sector, according to the results of the survey. 

With digitization becoming a must-have for businesses at the onset of the pandemic, it’s no surprise that this survey mentions the pandemic as one of the driving forces for increasing adoption in Indonesia. As organizations push for digital transformation and the creation of efficient remote work, the cloud is becoming extremely important for meeting the IT requirements of businesses as they shift to a data-driven model and hybrid working practices. 

Interested in learning more about Alibaba Cloud’s findings in their full report? Here’s a survey that you might be interested in. 

Indonesia’s Cloud Adoption during the Pandemic

According to an Alibaba Cloud survey, 77 percent of Indonesian enterprises are already utilizing IT tools and solutions that are solely cloud-based in origin. 83 percent of respondents think that cloud technologies may help businesses survive and thrive to develop during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

More than 1,000 people from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, India, the Philippines, and Indonesia were surveyed toward the end of 2020 for this report. For your information, this survey’s objective is to attain an insight into the role of cloud computing in business and the perception of business confidence in cloud-based innovations in Asia. 

More than six out of ten Indonesian businesses have increased their use of cloud services during the pandemic. About 64 percent of them think hybrid cloud solutions are becoming increasingly relevant. According to businesses, hybrid cloud technology has been around for a long time, and it can help them with disaster recovery and business continuity planning. 

Leon Chen, the General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Indonesia, stated that the company was thrilled to see Indonesia’s need for cloud solutions increase. PolarDB, AnalyticDB and Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes are just a few examples of Alibaba Cloud’s cloud-native proprietary technologies. 

“By expanding its technology and hybrid cloud solutions, Alibaba Cloud aims to help enterprises in the industry speed their digital transformation this year,” said Leo. 

Considerations in Choosing a Cloud Vendor

Additionally, according to a report, 77 percent of companies in Indonesia had identified two primary reasons in selecting a cloud vendor before the pandemic. The first is the capacity of cloud solutions to integrate efficiently with current IT infrastructure and solutions, and the second is the security of credentials for company owners. 

One of the most important factors for Indonesian companies looking to cooperate with cloud providers is the security of their credentials during the pandemic. Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important as businesses expand their digital footprints. 

Positive Perceptions on Cloud Providers

The survey also found that cloud service providers in the region were viewed positively. Around 68 percent of Indonesian respondents agreed that Asian technology providers could give high-quality solutions because they had a greater understanding of Asian people’s mindset. 

Overall, 57 percent of businesses in Indonesia feel that Asians can dominate the financial technology sector, including digital payments and blockchain, while 49 percent say that Asia is a continent that can lead the Internet of Things (IoT) market. 

Around 73 percent of businesses in the Asian area believe that Asia will become a big economy in the 21th century, with more than 65 percent of organizations admitting that they have embraced IT solutions from Asian solution providers. 

“Seeing how confident Asian innovators are is awe-inspiring. In light of the current pandemic, Alibaba Cloud believes there will be many new chances to establish a stronger perception of cloud capabilities provided in the region,” said Selina Yuan, President for International Business of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. 

In addition, the survey revealed fascinating facts on cloud service providers in Asia, where the perceptions are quite constructive. In Asia, 84 percent of participants agree cloud service providers can deliver on their promises. Another point to make is that hyperscale cloud providers were chosen by 43 percent of Asian companies for their worldwide corporate IT consultants, local third-party partners, and internal employees. 

Respondents, on the other hand, stated that they place a higher value on MNC (Multinational Company) solutions than on regional ones. This demonstrates that Asian cloud service providers are hampered by challenges that must be solved if the region’s full digitization potential is to be achieved. 

Check out the Alibaba Cloud study infographic if you’d want to learn more. The following link will take you to a new tab.

Hybrid Cloud Partner Program for SMBs

As a result of the findings of this insightful report, Alibaba Cloud is also changing its approach to grow the demand for hybrid cloud technology in Asia, particularly Indonesia. The Hybrid Cloud Partner Program was launched in December 2020 by the company to improve its product offerings. 

The goal of this special program is to help small and medium-sized enterprises in their digital transformation by offering flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use public cloud services, all while receiving support from Alibaba Cloud. 

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