Defenxor Releases DSIEM Open Source Security Project, What is it?


Jakarta, – The number of internet users in the world according to the Global Security Index at the end of 2018 was around 51.2 percent of the total population in the world, or equivalent to 3.9 billion users.

This number is predicted to increase in 2023 to 70 percent. Along with the increase in internet users, the need for a safe space in cyberspace will also increase. Moreover, cyber-attacks are increasingly diverse every time.

Reflecting on this condition, PT Defender Nusa Semesta (Defenxor), a subsidiary of PT Computrade Technology International (CTI) – a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions in the Southeast Asia region – launched an open source project called DSIEM on Tuesday (10 September 2019).

Author: Oktarina Paramitha Sandy

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