Christian Atmadjaja, Director Virtus Technology Indonesia saat sesi pembukaan Virtus Showcase.

Virtus Showcase 2022 Explores the Potential of Edge Computing and Distributed Enterprise


Recent years, notably during the pandemic, have seen a surge in the use of edge computing as a modern technology in the hybrid era. Reason being, it is expected that this innovation would allow businesses to expand into new markets and provide round-the-clock support to their customers. 

Since edge computing eliminates the need for a centralized data center, it drives businesses to adopt a more decentralized structure. Data will be processed and analyzed at its source rather than afterwards. Edge technology, which is believed to provide organizations more flexibility to adopt remote work, utilize distributed services, and engage in unlimited media consumption, is essential to the distributed enterprise model in this respect. 

At the Virtus Showcase 2022, held at the Hotel Mulia in Jakarta on September 15th, 2022, edge computing and distributed enterprise were the two primary talking points. This annual event, hosted by a subsidiary of the CTI Group and titled “Edge of Distributed Enterprise: Embracing the Next Digital Wave” delves deeply into the topics of edge computing and distributed enterprise as IT trends and explores the hurdles that companies must overcome to use them. Read the coverage of Virtus Showcase 2022 in this article, which also provides further details. 

Edge Computing Is Becoming More Important, Here’s Why

Recent studies by Gartner have shown that enterprises are now generating and processing around 10 percent of data away from conventional data centers and clouds. Until 2025, this percentage is expected to keep rising, eventually reaching 75 percent. 

Utilizing IoT devices in residential and commercial settings as well as in smart cities has resulted in a surge in both the volume and velocity of data being generated. Due to this, managing information via a centralized data center or the cloud will be inefficient. 

Christian Atmadjaja, Director of Virtus Technology Indonesia, predicted that IoT-based smart devices will be widely used by enterprises to speed up innovation at the opening session of Virtus Showcase 2022. As a result, the rate and quantity of increased data will place strain on data storage and communication bandwidth. 

According to Christian, more and more businesses will need to implement edge computing and distributed enterprise concepts since edge computing is a new architectural system that places processing and storage resources closer to the data source. 

“It is in this context that edge computing and distributed enterprise will play a crucial role in realizing the full potential of many various industries. In addition, Virtus Showcase 2022 will pave the way for collaboration between businesses and IT solution providers in areas like edge computing, end-user computing, SD-WAN, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), zero-trust security, 5G, IoT, AI and Machine Learning, and cloud native, allowing them to seize opportunities and optimize edge implementation,” Christian stated. 

Decentralization: From Hyperscale to Edge

CEO EDGE DC Stephanus Oscar di sesi keynote Virtus Showcase 2022

In the perspective of EDGE DC’s CEO Stephanus Oscar, enterprises in Indonesia are still in the exploratory phase of using edge computing. But, Oscar continued, decentralization and edge computing are being put into practice in the IT sector. More and more company data will be transferred from hyperscale data centers to edge computing, which is closer to end users and more suitable for services that are sensitive to latency and hence want to be located closer to them. 

“These characteristics of edge computing drive companies to operate close to their customers. Closer proximity will undoubtedly result in faster data processing times,” Oscar made the statement. 

Oscar elaborated that if edge computing is properly implemented, it would lead to services with low latency and high performance. For instance, TikTok now features in-app live shopping. 

“Imagine data being handled by numerous different processes, and you can bet that the latency will be severe. In contrast, low latency does not impact performance with edge computing. Next-generation applications necessitate this kind of technology because of the low latency they demand,” he continued. 

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Edge Computing: Challenges in Indonesia

The challenges some Indonesian companies have had with edge computing were also exposed by Oscar. For starters, he claims that organizations are still hampered by issues like network reliability and the proximity of data center edges. 

Second, many companies worry about data security while embracing edge computing. Effective IT security solutions, such as SASE and zero trust security, can, nonetheless, make a dent in this problem. 

“To keep data safe when it’s in transit between an app and a customer’s device, they must make use of cybersecurity measures like SASE. Infrastructure-wise, components that guarantee uptime and business continuity include a well-prepared data center edge and a solid network. I think it’s safe to say that everyone involved in the data center industry now understands that latency is the new downtime. Since many organizations currently utilize next-generation apps that need minimal latency,” he concluded. 

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About Virtus Showcase 2022

Virtus Showcase 2022

The Virtus Showcase 2022 features several expert speakers, including Stephanus Oscar, CEO of EDGE DC Indonesia, as a keynote speaker who explores the benefits and innovations of edge computing technology, Erwin Yusran, Country Data Center Sales Lead, Indonesia, Dell Technologies, and Chun Wui, Senior Manager VMware Solution Engineering. 

In the interactive panel discussion session, industry players such as Amirul Wicaksono, Director of IT and Operations at Bank DKI, and Andries Indrajaya, Vice President of Technology at PT. Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE), discussed in depth experiences related to the implementation of edge computing technology, as well as the challenges and opportunities of distributed enterprises in Indonesia. 

VMware, Dell Technologies, Huawei, Trend Micro, Red Hat, Arista, Palo Alto, and Yugabyte are also supporting Virtus Showcase 2022. 

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