7 Cloud Migration Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them


Cloud computing is currently facing rapid development, especially with many businesses sectors adopting this technology to keep up with digital transformation. 

Despite all of the benefits of cloud computing, cloud migration remains a difficulty for certain organizations. Many users are still having trouble fully leveraging the cloud, and are apprehensive due to bottlenecks or inexperience of cloud implementation. The following article goes into further detail about common issues of cloud migration. 

7 Common Cloud Service Migration Issues

masalah umum migrasi ke cloud service

As your company grows bigger, migration to cloud computing becomes inevitable. However, this process also creates new risks to data security. The process of migrating and managing data on third-party managed locations can invite hacking, data management, phishing, and other unanticipated problems. 

Before deciding to migrate your data, firstly, identify some common problems and possible solutions. Here are seven examples of common migration issues to the cloud according to Gartner. 

1. Incompatible Cloud Technology

Companies with data storage systems often have difficulty migrating to cloud systems and are unable to handle it. Cloud administrators without sufficient IT skills can cause slow migration and important data to be lost or corrupted. This can have an impact on long-term performance. 

2. Lost or Damaged Data

Data protection is important in cloud migration. Without this process, you could have the risk of data being damaged, lost, or stolen. This should encourage company owners to provide data backup sources. When data is corrupted or lost from the cloud, a data backup can help with the recovery process, but the cloud must be in perfect condition. 

3. Response Delay (Latency)

Latency in response is an often-overlooked issue in cloud migrations, but it has a big impact. This typically has an impact on streaming businesses on the user or consumer experience, such as videos, games and e-commerce. Delaying data processing reactions after migration, even for a second, can be fatal due to user or consumer response. 

4. Less Control Over Data

When data is moved from enterprise servers to the cloud, there is a sense of loss of control because the data is no longer in physical access. Cloud is also managed by a third party so the company is very dependent on the expertise of that service. As a result, problems can arise such as errors in data application or difficulty accessing certain data. 

5. Lack of Cybersecurity Awareness

Moving data from physical servers to the cloud exposes that data to outside threats. Unfortunately, not all companies understand this, and continue to practice exposing data to threats. For example, the company may not define a hierarchy of access to data, not use specific keywords and two-factor authentication, and so on. 

6. Data Security and Confidentiality

There are many types of security issues in the cloud, such as identity theft, data breaches, malware, and even no data due to human error, all leading to a decline in revenue and reputation. 

7. Multicloud Environment

Businesses today are choosing multiple cloud deployments over single cloud deployments for greater availability, availability, and scalability. Despite the benefits that some cloud deployments offer, it is often difficult and time consuming to manage with the differences between multiple cloud providers. 

The Importance of a Data Migration Strategy

The thing to do at an early stage in your company’s data migration process is to strategize for the entire migration chain and directly migrate massive data at a time, which is wise. In addition, the process of adapting the work system which takes time must also be considered. You can also divide this migration process into stages so that each stage can be executed. 

At this early stage, you may be able to first figure out what cloud features the company will take advantage of, as well as what data will need to be integrated with the cloud system. After that, you can start searching for a cloud service provider that fits your company’s needs, training employees, and determining the length of the migration until the system can be fully utilized. 

So, what should you do to remove the challenges and improve your experience as a cloud user? One of the easiest ways is to choose a cloud provider that offers the right and trusted features such as the CTI Group’s range of cloud products. 

CTI Group’s Solution for Cloud Migration Challenges in 

solution for cloud migration challenges

As one of the leading cloud providers in Indonesia, CTI Group with 13 subsidiaries offers IaaS capabilities that give you the power of virtual servers and storage as well as three storage models of private, public and hybrid cloud. 

Cloud solutions from CTI Group can be used for small-scale businesses, startups, or large-scale businesses. All business needs can be accommodated by enhancing your data migration experience to your cloud, as follows. 

1. Full Support

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the cloud, choose a partner who can offer their expertise when you get lost. CTI Group is ready with an experienced and fully trained support team to assist you. 

2. Pay-as-you-go Payment Model

To ensure you only pay for the resources you need and use accordingly. It offers several packages that you can choose from based on your preferences. 

3. Proven Security Solution

Have a product with a security system and data integrity easily, quickly and safely. CTI Group also offers three deployment models that you can choose from to meet your security requirements. 

4. Managing Your Multicloud Environment

Multicloud environments are easier to handle when set up and managed by a provider. The product range of the CTI Group allows you to set up multiple cloud services based on your needs. 

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Embark Your Cloud Computing Migration Journey with CTI Group

It is important to entrust cloud services to a truly trusted provider. CTI Group is an experienced company and trusted cloud provider, and offers data migration services to the cloud in a safe, reliable, and professional way. Our professional cloud provider IT team will ensure the system can run well and without problems for the smooth running of your cloud needs. 

All of these services are paid as use or the costs incurred are really in accordance with the services used. Our team strives to understand our customer needs. For us, our first priority is always meeting the requirements of our customers. Contact us at marketing@computradetech.com for more information about cloud computing. 

Author: Ary Adianto 

Content Writer CTI Group 

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